Research & Outcomes | Nearly $2,000,000 in Grants

As the outcomes of the Asheville Project began to be published, the program received significant national attention and notoriety.  The program was particularly interesting to the pharmaceutical industry since the results suggested that more revenue spent on prescription drugs would reduce overall total healthcare costs.  Several of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies gave significant grants for the purpose of more scientifically studying the program.  These grants, given by a variety of organizations, totaled over $2,000,000.

As a result, the Asheville Project became the most studied, peer reviewed, and published disease management program ever. You can review these articles on these studies by clicking on this link here.


Because of the vast amount of resources dedicated to studying our approach to disease management, we can confidently say that our program is one of the most independently researched and peer reviewed disease management program in existence.                                                                   

                                                                                 – John Miall, co-founder of The Asheville Project