Implementation Time LIne

Week 1

  • Client enters into contract and signs business associate agreement
  • Health risk assessment begins, and authorization documents are distributed to employees
  • Initiate any desired onsite lab draw, or arrange for alternative method of obtaining    biometric testing
  • Documents are remitted to Sky and risk assessment and stratification begins
  • If necessary, recruiting begins for additional nursing staff that is best suited to the client’s specific needs

Week 2

  • Risk assessment and stratification of all participants continues based on the health risk assessments
  • Receipt and review of client group’s lab results
  • If necessary, vetting of potential nurse candidates

Week 3

  • If necessary, begin interview process for registered nurse
  • Risk assessment and stratification is concluded

Week 4

  • If necessary, conclude interview process, select new hired nurse candidate

Week 5-7

  • If necessary, implement nurse training program
  • Introduce selected registered nurse to client
  • Provide client with information necessary to begin scheduling initial employee appointments

Week 8

  • Begin scheduled high risk member employee appointments
  • Schedule return dates and follow-up appointments for worksite.