Brokers & Consultants

What is it that brokerage and consulting firms want?  Through our research, it is clear that their goals are three fold.  Generally these goals are to do a great job for your clients, grow your company, and increase your profitability.  In a post Affordable Care Act (ACA) world how to do this is much different than in the past.  The provisions included in ACA, and specifically the changes to community rating, are making the market pitfalls numerous.

After extensive research it is clear that the only way to find success moving forward is to position your clients into the best possible healthcare pools, and then work hard to keep them there through medical management.  For the firms willing to dedicate efforts in this direction, ACA could be the best thing that ever happened to your business.

Sky Disease Management assists brokers in this effort through our sister company, Sky Insurance Marketing.  For employers who have implemented our disease management services for 12 months, they will then become eligible to participate in a preferred risk reinsurance pool along with other like situated employers.